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Le Grand Robert-Collins 2009 Dictionnaire - Dicionário Frances Le Robert Collins

Le Grand Robert-Collins 2009

The entire Robert & Collins and Grand Robert & Collins in its latest edition:

- 425,000 words and expressions giving access to more than one million translations
- New: 100,000 pronunciations (85,000 words in English and 15,000 in French)
- New: 45,000 compounds
- A comprehensive conjugator: all verbs in all modes and all the time
- 30,000 compound words, expressions and proverbs, abbreviations, "phrasal verbs" and 300 cultural references
- A comprehensive thematic expression Guide
- New: a dictionary of synonyms in each language
- New: additional Business, with 15 000 terms of business

All the advantages of multimedia:

- Instant search of a word or sequence of words
- A total hypertext navigation

The new Collins Robert French Dictionary is the latest edition on DVD of the biggest Collins Robert French-English dictionary, a reference work unrivalled amongst bilingual dictionaries for 30 years. It contains 2 entire print dictionaries: the Collins Robert Unabridged French Dictionary and the Collins Robert Comprehensive French-English / English-French Dictionary in 2 volumes, making it the biggest completely up-to-date resource for working in French – with 120,000 entries, 750,000 translations, 300 cultural notes
and more.

As well as all of the information from the dictionary, the DVD offers a multitude of options for lookup, searching and navigation of the Collins Robert material, thereby enhancing the richness of the dictionary with the variety of pathways offered by the electronic format.

The software has an invaluable full text search function, allowing you to look for all occurrences of a word or phrase in any entry or translated example in the dictionary (in both languages). This offers the user a translation tool of unequalled power and allows you to fully exploit the wealth of information in the dictionary.

The DVD also includes complete conjugations of all verbs, and a navigation tool (the Entry Map tool) for long entries.

This new edition allows the user to consult a network of synonyms, in both English and French, for the search word, or for any word in an entry. Each of these synonyms is also linked to its own corresponding entry.

The DVD offers an increased coverage of pronunciations, with nearly 100,000 words.

Finally, this new edition includes a ‘Business’ supplement containing more than 15,000 business terms, linked to certain dictionary entries.

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